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Georges Grill and Daily bar

[ No Comments ] Posted on 04.30.11 under American

Located: Route 54 hammonton , NJ

What they serve: Hamburgers, Hoagies, Fried Chicken, Appetizers and Custard/ Softserve Icecream

Coming back from a trip to Philly on a saturday afternoon, My cousins and myself were famished so we decided to try out this mom and pops place on the way home, I have thought about through many of my days working , seeing the fresh fried chicken sign for 8.99. Anyway when we arrived at my surprise it was very very slow, Just one customer other than ourselves. Two of us ordered Italian hoagies, one regular italian and the other an old fashion italian with the high end imported meats, My other cousin order a simple cheese burger , at least that is what we thought. Our waitress that took our order looked very confused , When we ordered our foods she started to walk away without asking us what we wanted on them , like lettuce, tomato etc…..It felt like a fast food experience. When I said can I have Lettuce , tomato, onion ,oil, vinegar and hot peppers on the side , She looked like no one ever asked her for anything at her job, I asked her if she was new , She stated she worked there for a while, Well we sat and patiently drank our sodas and it was about 35 minutes and we seemed to be ignored. I asked the waitress how much longer it was going to be, She looked confused such as before, At this time my cousin mentioned something about going somewhere else. Then the manager/owner approached us and said we ordered one of the two items that take the longest to cook, Hamburger and Fried chicken , and he acted with a poor attitude because of the comment about us leaving, Maybe its me but shouldn’t the waitress have said “if you order the hamburger it will take a little longer” Also I have never heard of a burger taking 35 minutes to cook unless they were using a match stick to cook it, The other food was just average. If I had a choice , wawa would be the better pick. Service was simply horrible being they only had 2 customers we should have been a priority not at fault for them not promptly cooking our order and not watching TV, Poor Service all the way………………and very average food to boot!!!!




Taste or Not!

[ 1 Comment ] Posted on 01.15.11 under American, Chinese, Fast Food, Greek, Indian, Italian, Japanese, Pizzerias, Seafood, thai

I have been doing this site for about 3+ years now and have to say I wish I had more time to do it, Lately I have been very picky where to eat, Maybe its me but don’t you hate ordering something and you make the same dish 100% better, I think we need to go back to the basics…..Meaning going out is a real treat and its the job of the Restaurant to indulge us. It seems like when you get an abundance of something its terrible and if its fantastic they fill a medicine cup, I’m hoping to get some feedback on this if you don’t mind.. your favorite place to eat and what dish you had, Please don’t everything because that only tells me that when I order something and its awful , then I take it the whole menu would only be suited for my dog:-)

Boyar’s Take Out Kitchen

[ No Comments ] Posted on 10.30.10 under American, Italian, Seafood

Location: 1340 Asbury Ave, Ocean City, NJ   (609)398-5466

What they serve: Seafood,Chicken, Pasta, Steaks, Subs and Sandwiches

Its been a while since my last review , Been extremely busy…Any way, When I was with a client they recommended this place for lunch, When I arrived it looked like a small market. When I went inside I was shocked, They had fresh meat counter like and old butcher shop, The meat was so fresh I was shaking at the look of it, It was all bloody red, Not Gray like the typical food store, What really caught my eye was the huge selection of Boars head meats. I was going to order a turkey sandwich but I thought anyone can make one of them. I ordered something that I only like at a few places, Like whitehouse and Vinnys Deli, I ordered an italian sub loaded , It was incredibly delicious , The meat and produce was very fresh and the combination of meats were perfect, The place was very clean and the staff was very friendly and helpful.

I give it an A+

Fat Jacks Barbecue

[ 4 Comments ] Posted on 05.10.10 under American

Location: 3849 South Delsea Drive, Vineland, NJ‎ - (856) 825-0014

What they serve: Chicken, Brisket,Ribs,  Pulled Pork, wings, Burgers

I only have to say 3 words , THANK YOU LORD,  They were here and now there Back!! I remember going to this place in the 90’s and it was really good, Then one day they disappeared,shut down! gone! I spoke to the manager and he told me it was privately owned and the owner franchised it, He told me they use the same recipes, It was time for me to put my taste buds to the test, I ordered the Two Tiered Combo, which was shredded chicken and pulled pork on a kaiser with there special barbecue sauce, My wife ordered the smoked chicken wrap and we split a six pack of wings, The customer service was awesome, The manager came over to give my wife options on how they make there wraps, The place was very clean and the counter girl was very pleasant, The prices were very reasonable and they food was awesome with the exception of the wings seemed slightly undercooked, The sauce was so good I could have eaten it on them raw :-)The Two Tiered Combo was very delicious and my wife enjoyed her wrap, Try it and let me know

A all the way!!!!!!!

Cheesecake Factory

[ No Comments ] Posted on 04.06.10 under American

Location: 931 Haddonfield Road, Cherry Hill, NJ‎ - (856) 665-7550

What they serve: steaks, ribs, chicken and of course cheesecake

I went there about a month ago and sat down to a very tender juicy beef ribs, They were very tasty, But the center of the attraction was the cheesecake, I was very impressed by the large varieties of flavors and styles, You would have to see this to know what Im talking about, The one that is my favorite is the red velvet cheesecake, Its truly incredible, If you a fan of chocolate they have something for you, My wife had the godiva chocolate cheesecake, Try this place out you will not regret it. The place was clean and the waitress was very friendly also.

Grade: A+

Golden Palace Diner

[ 1 Comment ] Posted on 03.25.10 under American

Where:2623 South Delsea Drive, Vineland, NJ‎ -(856) 692-5424

What they serve: Typical diner food, home made dishes, burgers,salads, soups and Gourmet Desserts

I have been to this place many times and for the most part its been ok, I mean nothing to jump up and down about but good,The other day we were in a rush to eat dinner after walking in the park, We we agreed on this place, I had the chicken parm which the waitress highly recommended, The only con was it was a little cold but still very tasty, A very large portion which usually scares me, In the back of my mind I think they are saying lets get rid of this chicken parm we made a few weeks ago, It was not the case, I was very satisfied, and enough for lunch the next day, My wife had the crispy chicken special, Which was special indeed, it had a very thick weird lemon sauce, neither of us liked it much, We also had the soup of the day which was the chicken tortilini , That tasted more like chicken saltilini, very very salty, I would still go back for the very good chicken parm, The dinner cost us about 30 bucks including the tip, They have great lunch specials for 5 bucks, Give it a try and let me know.

A  C from me

Red Robin, Hershey PA

[ No Comments ] Posted on 12.18.09 under American

Location: Hershey, PA Across from Hershey Park
What they serve: Burgers,Fries and Appetizers.

Well This is the first time I came to this location. I got the Brie Burger they had on special. I really enjoyed it, I have to admit the Brie was a little strong, When I went to this location there was none in New Jersey, Now there’s one in Mays Landing, NJ . My favorites there are the royal red robin , It a burger with a fried egg on top, At first I thought “this is weird but there’s no taste like it, There’s one word for it “Awesome!” Some other recommendations are Mushroom Burger and the Roast Beef Dip : Please Note if your really hungry its not as filling as a burger. They have nice sides to compliment there burgers also, They have bottomless fries (Yeah! All you can eat!) I also have a tear to my eye!   :-)  My favorite side it the onion ring tower, Anyway if you have one of these places near you , its a must try if you like a good burger…Enjoy!!!

The dollar menu challenge MD’s vs BK

[ No Comments ] Posted on 12.16.09 under American

Location: Burger King and Mcdonalds, Pleasantville , NJ

What they Serve: Burgers, Fries, Shakes, Specialty sandwiches that all taste the same!

I guess within the last month or so I noticed that BK has been running a special , There double cheeseburger for 99 cents, All I can say is its about time they get with the program, MD’s was selling there Double Cheeseburger for 99 cents till the summer they decided to take off a slice of cheese and call it a Mcdouble, Personally I think it should be called the Mcghetto, I think the burgers are crap with out the cheese, If you don’t believe me! Get a cheese burger without the cheese, You will see! Now BK did something different there completion was the whopper JR and guess what with out cheese, but you are offered cheese every order, (can’t forget the accessories! :-)) The fact it with the lettuce and mayo and ketchup kind of made you forget about the cheese, thats if you like these condiments , Now that they have there double for 99 cents I think they are a notch up on the King MD’s , no pun intended. Anyway enough babble, I decided to get one of each for comparison test, The McDouble and the BK Double Cheeseburger, 99 for 99! Visually they were both lumped and packed in the wrapped paper( remember the styrofoam container days,  We may all have to live through pollution  but it kept a burger nice and neat :-)   There was much more meat on the BK than the MD’s, Also I guess I never noticed but the pickles on the MD’s were very small and kind of nasty compare to the fresh looking BK’s crispy ones, :See My pictures… Both buns were on the smashed side, also the mcdouble was a lot smaller, BK claims to be 1/4 of meat after cooked, I believe them, The Taste: They both have a very different taste, MD’s had like a steamed taste to there’s where BK had the grilled flavor, I remember as a kid when MD’s used to fry there burgers on a griddle, Along with frying there hot apple pies which I thought were awesome compared to the BLaahhhh baked ones today, The McDouble was also very dry, The BK was very cheesey and I liked the flavor and the about of meat, Service: I felt like I was in a cattle feeding line during lunch at the drive-in window, I think the BK double overall was better, MD’s should probably throw that slice of cheese back on because that McDouble was not very good, I’m glad I don’t eat this stuff everyday and if you do your either really young or a lead stomach, Any thoughts let me know

Joe’s Poultry (Buena, NJ)

[ 2 Comments ] Posted on 12.06.09 under American

Location: Route 40 , Buena , NJ

What they serve: Rottiserrie Chicken, Salads, rolls

I went there one night after work, I always heard good things about the place, (buena, NJ location) I’m sad to say I was very disappointed, The guy looked like he was closing and said he had a few whole chickens left, So when I got home and sat down with my wife anticipating  a wonderful rotisserie chicken, Instead it was a very dried out chicken, I mean it was very bad, It had flavor but very chewy and dry, I will probably try again but I hate when a place does this, He should have checked to see if it was ok before selling it to me,

Vineland,NJ Location

Vineland,NJ Location

Happy Thanksgiving from Burntburgers.com

[ No Comments ] Posted on 11.26.09 under American

I’m so excited about Thanksgiving this year, Lots of food, Family and Football, On the Menu this year is: A butterball Turkey (yummy) , Whipped Mashed Potatoes, Broccoli with cheddar cheese sauce, Green Bean Casserole, Corn Pudding(its amazing!), Candied Sweets, Walnut Apple Stuffing, Oyster Stuffing, Lasagna, Pumpkin Raviolis with Burgundy sauce, Berry and Berryless Cranberry sauce and Homemade Dinner Rolls right from my Oven,  Ouch feeling full already, Then Dessert is going to be crazy, A Red Velvet Cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory, Shoe-Fly pie( From the heart of lancaster, PA) Pumpkin Pie, Blueberry pie, Apple pie and a pot of Gourmet Coffee, Ok now Im sick, joking hehe  I may need a rolaid though. From my family to your wishing a Happy Thanksgiving………

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